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October 10, 2016

One of the biggest hurdles for anyone suffering from mental illness is overcoming the stigma. It is the number one reason why 2/3 of those living with a mental illness suffer in silence. There are several reasons to keep your feelings and thoughts to yourself - you have a professional life to worry about, you’re scared of how your family or friends would react, you’re worried you’ll be labelled, you’re scared you’re the only one going through it and nobody would understand, etc. Well lets remove that, completely. The NVSN Journal is a community board where you can share your thoughts, feelings and stories in complete anonymity. We understand that you have a private life and respecting that privacy is extremely important. What’s just as important is for you to know that you have a voice and the NVSN community is all ears. 
Documenting your thoughts and feelings isn’t easy. We’re taught to be too careful when we write - use perfect grammar, structured sentences and make what we write as pretty as possible. Why? Write freely. Be honest with yourself about your thoughts, feelings and experiences - true authenticity doesn’t have room for filters.
The hardest step is figuring out what exactly to write about. That's a question only you can answer. You can talk about a personal experience/ something that's been on your mind, share a success story and offer words of encouragement to others suffering, the opportunities are endless - I just encourage you to write, write and write a little more. It has been proven that writing about traumatic, stressful or emotional events results in improvements in both physical and psychological health. What's stopping you?
And finally, the why. From personal experience, journaling has helped in a number of ways. In such a demanding world it gives you that much-needed time with yourself. It gives you an opportunity to get to know who you are, how you're feeling about certain things and for lack of a better way to say it, it makes everything real. Acceptance is the first step on the road to living a healthy balanced life. Once you've accepted what's going on in your life, a friend's life, or maybe your partner's life - you're able to focus on the next step... Growth and Perspective. I don't encourage you, I challenge you to take the time and write a Journal entry. You deserve it.

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