NVSN Journal Entry No. 19

Talking to my parents about my mental health is like talking to a wall. The words "anxious," "depressed," and "stressed," mean nothing to them. It's like it's not possible for me to feel this way and that I should just "stop." I've lost all motivation to do anything and they are part of the reason why. I've looked into therapy but that's just a waiting game. I've literally been waiting for months. I've tried talking to friends and making changes, but at the end of the day when I eventually come home, none of that matters when I have to face my parents again and revert back to the old ways. It's like my entire day of positivity is ruined and I'm forced to take in these negative vibes. This brings my energy, mood, and motivation down. If I tell my parents I'm not happy, they simply shrug their shoulders. If I tell them I am stressed, they say they are more stressed than I am. It's like my feelings are invalid and I'm only allowed to feel joy for a certain amount of time. Like they say, misery loves company.

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Dear contributor,

Thank you so much for sharing that and submitting an entry to the NVSN journal. We find it admirable and impressive that you’ve found comfort in opening up to friends and using them as your support system. It’s not an easy task to open up to others about a subject not only drowning in stigma, but one that deals with a lot of misunderstanding and lack of education. What’s important is that you’ve found a form of support in your peers and that’s fantastic. Others may require more education and time in order to understand the effects of mental health problems and that’s okay, but now is the time to focus on you.

Unfortunately, days, weeks, and as you’ve experienced, months can go by waiting for an appointment with the necessary professional support. It’s unfair, wrong and disappointing considering the growing need for mental health support in youth, adults and seniors. However, we are very lucky to have different resources available to us on a community level. To be specific, the CMHA offers a service called MOBYSS which offers free Mental Health Care to youth in their Mobile Clinic. If you are located in the GTA/ York Region, head to their website at www.mobyss.ca and see when they’re in your area. Alternatively, the CMHA offers a great program titled “Bounce Back”. This program offers support for managing depression and anxiety, and all you have to do is self-refer by completing the online form on this page: https://bouncebackontario.ca/bounceback-for-clients/. After submission, you will be contacted within five days and your BounceBack coach will steer you in the direction you want to go.

Thank you once again for your bravery and courage to share this story. We wish you nothing but success on your journey to positive mental health.

Thank you for being you.


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