NVSN Journal Entry No. 15

Deep thoughts in my head
Keeping me up from going to bed
And deep thoughts from resting my head
Often wondering if I'll wake up or suffocate instead
People hurt me not understanding I've been hurt before
It's like trying to open a wound that never healed and never closed
The sadness is with the ones who are dead
Over 60 ppl who were more than a friend
The sadness is with the ones who beat me, cheat me and lied instead
The sadness is with me I walk around smiling just knowing how much
I'm dying inside The only thing keeping me here is my children
My parents left and hurt me, gave me up
My man doesn't know what he wants and blames me
My friends come when they need something and gone again
My teachers use to say I'll never be anything
I am someone today but someone in pain
Someone with a degree but lost inside of me
Please help this heart only bleeds
What others wanted to see.

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Dear contributor,

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful poem with us. There aren’t many words to describe how impressed we are by your strength, resilience and unconditional belief in your self despite the doubt others have served you.

At NVSN, we firmly believe that everyone is an Artist. Everyone has the ability to create. Everyone has the ability to inspire. Your piece above is nothing short of inspirational. Thank you for reminding us that although so many things in life may seem like they’re working against us, nothing and no one can take away our art. No one can take away our words. No one can take our thoughts. And no one can take away who we are.

Do you. And keep doing you. There’s no voice that’s more encouraging than your own and we can tell you have a strong one. Thank you for sharing, thank you for inspiring and thank you so much for being you.


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