True Colours

Paper bags cover our heads
With scribbled smiles written instead
Hidden behind the thin and coarse layer
Masking a begging prayer

To actually feel the sun
And end the feeling of moving numb
Always acting among peers
But beneath paper lays a flood of tears

Speaking with a broken voice
Not really given the choice
Living as a silent ghost
The battle scars we do not boast

The haunting dazed
Rubbed across our faces
Running from our minds
Our souls held down by binds

Consoled by our greatest enemy
And no single remedy
In a waltz we fought
Ending with a single dot




This poem was written by Najda Kassam, a High school student from Toronto. "I write because I believe that words have more power than anything. Words can be used as the sharpest knives, or the strongest remedies. Words can make or break us. They can change the way we live and the way we behave." said Najda. If her writing is anything, it's relatable. Independent of age, gender or culture. Her writing is able to connect with so many because she writes from the heart. 

"I currently write about mental health because I struggle with mine. I write about mental illness because of the emotions that are thrust upon me. I try to take the pain that I feel, and turn it into beauty. I also write about mental illness because it’s a tough thing to explain. But when you listen to songs about depression, or anxiety you get that feeling of “hey that’s me”or “I can relate”. So why not do it with poetry as well. My goal is really just explaining how I feel. Writing helps me calm down, think things through, and understand what’s going on in my life." 

Najda is a bright young artist coming out of Toronto, you can follow along on her journey here

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