- Maybe, Just Maybe -

Maybe the leaves turn red because they’re bleeding out and dying.
Maybe the wolves howl because they once were united with the moon and now the distance hurts them.
Maybe the waves crash because they are angry that the sky is only a reflection in its eyes.
Maybe the crimson red blood flowing out of your wrists isn’t going to hurt anymore.
Maybe you’ll stop comparing yourself to an elephant.
Maybe you’ll stop imagining his hands around your neck.

Maybe you won’t close your eyes to see him standing over you.
Maybe when someone puts their hands in the air you won’t cover your head anymore.
Maybe you’ll stop second-guessing your smile.
Maybe it’ll become easy to love again.

Maybe you’ll be easier to love.
Maybe your mom won’t be sick anymore.
Maybe your best friend won’t try to kill themself.

Maybe they won’t overdose.
Maybe you’ll do well in school. 

Maybe just maybe these maybes will happen

Then maybe you’ll be happy.

And when they happen, you will be happy. I promise you.
You’ll stop and look at the leaves and marvel at their ability to confront their pain.

You’ll commend them because they are going through the same pain you are.
You’ll hear the wolves howl at night and realize that they aren’t in pain but are happy they get a glimpse of their one true love.
You’ll see the waves crash and see their happiness in being able to see the source of happiness in themselves.
You’ll see a princess in the mirror.
You’ll stop seeing the red running down your arms and start seeing the beauty. Your scars will become your strength.

You’ll forget his face, his voice, his hands, his hurt.
Your mom will take a vacation without you. She’ll go shopping by herself.
Your best friend will be okay.
You will be okay.

Chin up love, your smile is falling.

Written by: Sameer Ladha

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