- Is It My Fault I Feel This Way? -

Written by: @_prija

What a World we live in…day in and day out we have to deal with so much information given to us. Immediate updates, instant messaging, plus continuous notifications that build up to a point where we struggle to process how we truly feel. And top it all off we are expected to react to it. 

But what if we can’t keep up? What if it's just too much?

What if we just don’t know how we're feeling today? 

You have an incident that fails to trigger an obvious emotion, but you’re confused that you didn't feel that way. What am I supposed to feel?

Lost? Scared? Angry? Empty?

Is it my fault that I wasn’t able to address an emotion immediately and move on?

No! There is no reason to overcome emotions instantly. Having patience with yourself is the root of the solution and the most rewarding technique to finding the right balance. It’s time to take action and have an adequate reaction that you can internalize.

Take a moment to step back, breathe, then revisit the situation when you feel ready to. 

Many times it's as simple as giving yourself a second, third, or even tenth chance. Process your frustration by saying "I know I’m frustrated right now. Let me take a few minutes and process it”- only you will be able to work with your mind. Remember that working with your mind take practice, although when you deflect the pessimism or negativity and come out stronger than before, that sense of internal accomplishment is irreplaceable. “Feeling some type of way” is human, just don’t mask the issue- be honest and upfront with yourself, and write it down. Take that moment, take your time, practice patience and hone in on what's happening at this very moment. Only then you can work towards dealing with those emotions.

Yes, I’m aware, this is one of those cliché “easier said than done” instances, but it isn’t impossible- every day is a new chance to grow.

It’s never your fault that you feel a certain way. There is no right or wrong to what is felt, it’s the lens you utilize to capture the moment that will determine your emotion. For an instance if you feel that you reacted to a situation incorrectly try taking a minute, understand the emotion you just encountered, step away, and revisit that same moment when you're ready. The connection we make with ourselves will make an immensely rewarding impact.

This may take more than a couple tries. It may take months. It's about having the courage to accept where we are and working towards feeling the way we want to feel. The key is to keep trying no matter what, only then you’ll be guaranteed to make progress. Life is all about little moments, gift yourself one. To end, i'll leave you with this.

Having a rough day? Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That's called purpose. You're alive for a reason. Don't give up.


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Devanshi Jani

I really like what is written here. Inspirational !

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