- 2018 To-Do List -

Sorry pal, “2018 You” is not a new you, you’re still very much the same you.

We can’t erase our mistakes, but we can learn from them. We can’t dwell on our past accomplishments, but we can use them as stepping stones to achieve more and help others do so as well. The whole notion of the New Year erecting a “New You” is so perplexing (Pegasus) to me - Why do we want to start from scratch? We experience waves of success to challenge our humility and situations of learning to challenge our tenacity. Each year we grow, we develop, we shift priorities, we learn. So again, why would we even think about starting over?

With all that said, I’ve come up with a to-do list or rather a try-list, for 2018. Take a look and pick a few that you’re going to focus on.

2018 To-Do List:

More peace
More unity
More patience
More laughter
More education
More inspiration
More creativity
More love
More fire
More faith
More optimism
More understanding

... & More life, obviously.

This is my to-do list and I’d be more than happy if this became yours too. Is there anything you’d add to it? What list items are you going to focus on this year?

Written by: Naim Jutha

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